What is JavaBrewBQ®?

Coffee is an iconic beverage known for its distinctive taste and aroma. Millions of people have a cup to start the day and it’s one of the largest commodities in the world. It’s also an industry. Even if you don’t drink it, there’s no denying its place in society. We see coffee shops in every neighborhood and java connoisseurs have abundant options for home brewing machines and mugs.

However, we rarely, if ever, think about the coffee grounds. Global coffee production is estimated to create more than 23 million tons of waste per year making coffee grounds one of the largest sources of organic waste in landfills. Sustainable Resources Group has developed technology to helps companies meet zero landfill goals by creating natural consumer products to replace less ecofriendly options, using coffee grounds.

One of these products is JavaBrewBQ® Premium Grilling Pellets which harnesses the natural energy in coffee for a more earth-healthy way to add flavor to your favorite foods.

There are several factors that make JavaBrewBQ® pellets a better choice than traditional hardwood pellets. These are: environmental impact, heat value, ash production, and flavor.

Let’s take a look at these advantages:

Environmental Impact: The majority of hardwood pellets produced in the Unites States come from whole trees, with only 24% coming from mill & forest residual sources (earth.org). And burning wood pellets can create a carbon debt which takes nature a significant amount of time to repay with new tree growth. JavaBrewBQ® pellets are made from residual waste from international companies using only coffee grounds, which not only saves natural resources like oak trees, it also stops those grounds from entering our landfills. These premium grilling pellets are sustainably produced in the United States.

Heat Value: Sustainable and organic doesn’t mean that our pellets are weak. In fact, they outperform standard pellets in ignition time, preheat time, time at set temperature and overall cooking time. These premium pellets offer 35% more heating value than most standard hardwood pellets on the market. Which means longer cooking times with less fuel.

The results from a test burn of 2 lbs of pellets yielded the following results: 6% faster ignition time, 35% quicker preheat time and JavaBrewBQ® pellets stayed hotter, longer.

Ash Production: JavaBrewBQ® is not only an excellent fuel source due to heating value but it also makes clean up easier with 80% less ash than traditional hardwood pellets.

Flavor: Cooking time and clean up are important but the reason someone chooses pellet grilling is flavor. That undeniable smoky, charcoal taste that takes our favorite recipes to the next level. JavaBrewBQ® offers superior performance and the traditional taste of charcoal. There is also a hint of roasted coffee to enhance and give depth to beef, vegetables and even desserts cooked on a pellet grill. These premium coffee pellets are compatible with most pellet grills including Traeger & Pit Boss models.

Now more than ever, people are looking for better ways to do life without harming the environment. JavaBrewBQ® premium coffee grilling pellets are the future of pellet grilling with better performance, unique flavor profile, and sustainably produced. Fuel for the morning is fuel for the grill.