About Us

We Help Companies Achieve a Sustainable and Economical Future

For over 30 years, we’ve been reducing costs and increasing sustainability for food and beverage producers, industrial manufacturing companies, water and waste utilities, and municipalities through turn-key, beneficial-use waste management solutions. Our solutions help companies attain their zero-landfill goals while reducing waste management costs. 

We strive to find innovative ways to reuse and recycle food processing solid and liquid waste in ways that benefit the environment, meet regulations, and reduce operational costs. We redirect waste from landfills to earth-friendly, beneficial uses: organic land application, composting, manufactured soil, anaerobic digestion, animal feed, fertilizer, energy/fuel production, and alternative raw materials for consumer goods (such as fireplace logs, fuel and grilling pellets, fire starters and potting soil).

Our expertise includes beneficial residuals management of non-hazardous organic materials. We conduct waste audits, design and implement custom solutions, and provide turnkey management of those solutions.

Gregory S. Campbell


Gregory S. Campbell is the Chairman of Sustainable Resources Group, LLC. He is also the founder of CDV Associates, LLC (“CDV”) where he is President and CEO. He formed CDV’s predecessor company in 1996 and successfully grew fourteen different businesses with CDV as the originating private equity sponsor. Mr. Campbell also serves as a member of the Board of ACCT Holdings, LLC. Mr. Campbell received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Science in Industrial Administration from Purdue University. Mr. Campbell is a licensed instrument rated private pilot.

Peter King

Chief Operating Officer

Peter is our Chief Operating Officer, focusing on facilities optimization and efficiency, and implementing beneficial residuals handling to achieve client cost savings and promote environmental stewardship. He has 35-plus years of technical and management experience in waste management, utilization, and disposal, with extensive experience in the beneficial reuse of biosolids, food processing residuals, water plant residuals, and septage. Peter’s operation experience includes municipal wastewater treatment, land application of liquid and dewatered residuals, septage-processing, municipal sludge dewatering, spray irrigation, on-lot systems, waste transportation and disposal. He is a certified wastewater treatment plant operator, certified sewage enforcement officer, and a former member of the PADEP Organics Recycling Task Force. Peter received a B.S. in Agronomy from Delaware Valley University.

Trevor Heyl

Director of Operations

Trevor Heyl is the Director of Operations for Sustainable Resources Group L.L.C. He oversees the coffee upcycling operation, focusing on process optimization and product development. Trevor has a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering with a minor in Energy Business and Finance from Pennsylvania State University. He has previously worked as a contractor apprentice and interned as an engineer at a technology company and service provider in the upstream oil and gas industry. Trevor has a passion to make sustainabilty an economical reality.

Ian Kennedy

Director of Finance and Business Development

Ian handles the financial management of the business. He also assists with analyzing operational activities and fiscal data to better improve SRG’s efficiency and business practices. Ian also leads the company's business development activities. Ian has a B.S. in Energy Business and Finance from Pennsylvania State University along with various minors. He is an avid fly fisherman and enjoys travel, cartography, and environmental stewardship.

Tim Zikos

Director of Research and Development

Tim Zikos is our head of Research and Development while also assisting in Process Engineering applications at the plant. He has experience with Design Life in many aspects including thermal and structural applications. Tim has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University Erie. His previous experience involves process efficiency improvement from CR Bard, medical device manufacture. He also has experience with CMI Energy improving the design life of heat recovery steam generators dealing with thermal fatigue. Tim has a passion for engineering and he likes to tend to his soil garden outside as well as his hydroponic one inside. While also being skillful in computer drafting, finite element analysis, hand calculations, Tim brings them all to life with his additive manufacturing techniques to build prototypes for development.