JavaLube® - A Natural Pellet Additive

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A Natural Pelleting Lubricant & BTU Booster from Spent Coffee Grounds

Spent coffee grounds (SCG) are a by product from the brewing process that delivers that delicious cup of coffee. SCG are one of earth’s largest single source of waste organic residuals.  Until recently, this abundant and valuable resource was typically disposed of in land fills across the UnitedStates. The Grounds are a unique organic material because of their high heating value and natural oil content. SCG not only have effective lubricant properties in pelleting, but they boost the BTU in the overall pellet. Using innovative technology, Sustainable Resources Group is now leading the challenge of upcycling organic residuals. Our coffee grounds are sourced directly from internationally recognized manufacturers of soluble coffee and are byproducts of the production of instant coffee.

Increase Capacity & Save Money on Your Operation

Unique natural lubricating oils present in the residual coffee grounds:

  • Increases the hardwood pelleting rate from 30% to 130%
  • Increases the softwood pelleting rate from 10% to 110%
Note: Based on controlled tests using identical conditions varying only the JavaLubeTM percentage of the mix. Table 1 provides the test parameters.

Output per pellet mill increases proportionately reducing capital equipment costs and maintenance per ton of pellets produced

  • Hardwood pellet production costs are reduced from 11% to 15% overall
  • Softwood pellet production costs are reduced from 2% to 10% overall
Note: Graph is derived from data presented in Table 1 and Table 2

A Niche Product to Differentiate Yourself in the Grilling Market

With the grilling industry booming, wood pellet manufacturers are flooding the market to each get a piece of the pie. The biggest challenge manufacturers are facing is DIFFERENTIATION. Some groups are looking to private label for pellet grill manufacturers while others are looking to create their own brand with fruit wood blends. Introducing JavaLube®, a true way to differentiate yourself in the market. JavaLube® is derived from the coffee bean and is one of the largest wastes in the world. Sustainable Resources Group sources this waste and processes it into a usable material for most wood pelleting equipment.

BTU Boosting

IT’S NOT A HARD DECISION to incorporate JavaLube® into your grilling pellets as coffee grounds beat all woods in heat value and ash content. More importantly, you can adjust the premium based on the amount of coffee grounds utilized!

JavaLube® has 35% more heating value than most hardwood and 80% less ash than wood pellet premium standards. That means it provides longer heating time and less clean up!

The table below illustrates the BTU increase from utilizing the JavaLube® at different blend percentages of wood. With the wood at 8,100 BTU/lb. and 0.6% ash and the JavaLube® at 11,170 BTU/lb. and < 0.2% ash.

Blend Calculator



It is simple to implement JavaLube® into a preexisting facility. 

All that is needed is an additive induction system with  a micro feeder to feed the material and a conditioner or mixer to blend the material. Once an implementation system is installed, the material metering can be tied into the overall controls, or a separate control panel can be installed to adjust the pellet composition.