How JavaEarth® is sowing the grounds for a greener tomorrow

Coffee is an iconic beverage known for its distinctive taste and aroma. Millions of people have a cup to start the day and it’s one of the largest commodities in the world. It’s also an industry. Even if you don’t drink it, there’s no denying its place in society. We see coffee shops in every neighborhood and java connoisseurs have abundant options for home brewing machines and mugs.

However, we rarely, if ever, think about the coffee grounds. Global coffee production is estimated to create more than 23 million tons of waste per year making coffee grounds one of the largest sources of organic waste in landfills. Sustainable Resources Group has developed technology to helps companies meet zero landfill goals by creating natural consumer products to replace less ecofriendly options, using coffee grounds.

One of these products is JavaEarth® Soil Amendment. Coffee grounds have natural qualities which make them an environmentally healthy way to enhance your flower & vegetable garden. This secret has been passed down in families for generations and SRG has built on this tradition with a 100% organic caffeine-free product to grow larger and more vibrant green plants.

JavaEarth® has many key benefits:

  1. Great water retention and Nutrient Absorption
  2. Slow-release nitrogen source
  3. Promotes Root Growth
  4. Sustainable 
  5. 100% Organic

Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Great Water Retention and Nutrient Absorption

Coffee grounds add incredible organic material which helps to improve the overall soil structure. The result is improved drainage, aeration, and better water retention for the plants. In addition to using JavaEarth® directly in the planting soil, many gardeners also add it to the topsoil so that it provides a slow release of nutrients every time it rains or you water. 

Slow-Release Nitrogen Source

Contrary to what most people think, coffee grounds are not acidic. The brewing process not only neutralizes the acid but since the acid naturally present in the beans water-soluble, it seeps through into the coffee we drink. Coffee grounds are “green” or a rich source of nitrogen (almost 2% by volume) and they provide the bacteria needed to break down organic matter into fuel. JavaEarth® is an excellent slow-release nitrogen source for the soil, giving it what it needs to replenish nutrients organically.

Promotes Root Growth

Mixing JavaEarth® into the soil helps aerate, which allows pathways for roots to better absorb needed nutrients. It also helps with water retention at the root level for hardy roots in seasons of drought. 


Coffee grounds are one of the largest sources of organic waste in landfills. Sustainable Resources Groups has partnered with national companies to dispose of their coffee grounds in a valuable way which keeps them out of the landfill. Through technology and innovation, SRG has harnessed the grounds’ natural properties into JavaEarth®. Now, instead of being wasted, these attributes have been developed into a product which promotes growth naturally without harming the environment. 

100% Organic

JavaEarth® soil amendment is clean, safe and free of contaminates and bugs. It is a certified 100% organic product manufactured sustainably in the United States.  

Why is JavaEarth® a good alternative to Peat Moss?

Peat Moss offers many of the benefits listed above which is why it is popular with gardeners. However, Peat Moss is not a renewable resource. Peat bogs are considered carbon sinks which help regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and slow global warming. Since peat bogs grow very slowly, they are in danger of being depleted due to industry mining for peat moss products. JavaEarth® is a sustainable alternative with the added benefit of being a slow-release nitrogen source.

JavaEarth® is innovation in action in your garden. As we’ve seen in this article, there are many benefits to choosing it as a soil amendment and it is an excellent carbon-friendly peat moss alternative. Tips for use below. 

How to use JavaEarth®

Acid loving plants: 1-part JavaEarth® /3-part potting soil.

Native Soil: 1-part JavaEarth® /4- part native soil

Seed Starting Mix: 1-part JavaEarth® /1 -part parting soil/ 1-part ironite, limestone, eggshells, bone-meal. 

General use: 25%-35% by volume to improve soil structure