JavaEarth® Soil Amendment


With ease of use and uniform application in mind, we enhanced the form of JavaEarth from loose dried coffee grounds to 4mm (400 SGN) coffee soil enhancement pellets.

Introducing a new level of convenience with JavaEarth! Our product now comes in the form of short and slender coffee pellets, perfect for use in a spreader for your lawn and garden application. No more messy handling or dusty residue. Applying JavaEarth is now a breeze, whether you choose to use your hands or a spreader.

Rest assured, JavaEarth is still composed of spent coffee grounds, a byproduct of the soluble coffee extraction process. We take extra care to dry these grounds, preventing mold growth and reducing bulk density. The result is 100% organic material packed with benefits for your lawn and garden. It is completely safe for your plants, ensuring their health and vitality.

JavaEarth® is inspired by the popularity of spent coffee grounds used in home gardening and by the farmers we work with, who have used the coffee grounds for more than 30 years as land-applied nutrients for crops. JavaEarth® is composed of spent coffee grounds that are the byproduct of the coffee extraction process. We dry the spent coffee grounds to prevent mold growth and pelletize them to put them in a form that runs through a spreader or makes other applications easier, which results in 100% organic material with considerable benefits for plants, lawns, and gardens.

  1. Great Water Retention and Nutrient Absorption
  2. Slow-release nitrogen source
  3. Promotes Root Growth (Great Aeration)
  4. Sustainable (Landfill Mitigated and Peat Free)
  5. Clean and Safe (No contaminants, bugs, or seeds)
  6. 100% Organic Content (No chemicals)
  7. Small 4mm cylindrical disks for easy application
  8. 53% Organic Carbon

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions15 × 13 × 5 in


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