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Organic Waste Residuals

Meet regulations, reduce costs, improve sustainability

When you partner with SRG for your residual waste management, you reduce operating costs and implement sustainable environmental solutions. Your non-hazardous organic waste may benefit other companies rather than incurring landfill and disposal costs.

Current Client Examples

  • Packaged pre-consumer beverage = animal feed
  • Spent coffee grounds = manufactured fire logs
  • Mustard seed hulls = high fat and protein animal feed supplement
  • Chicken processing waste = electricity
  • Vegetable processing waste = compost or soil conditioner
  • Brewery by-products = fertilizer or animal feed

We manage materials such as…

  • Bulk food processing residuals
  • Water treatment sediment (drinking water plant sludge)
  • Biosolids (treated wastewater treatment sludge)
  • Pre-consumer packaged food and beverage products
  • Plastic, paper and cardboard / total facility recycling
  • Non-hazardous organic industrial wastes, by-products, and wastewater
  • Pulp and paper refuse
  • Animal manure

Innovative Solutions

Audit, implement, and operate

We find innovative ways to reuse and recycle food processing waste, water treatment sludge, and biosolids in ways that benefit the environment, meet regulations, and reduce operational costs. We recycle organics through land application, composting, manufactured soil, anaerobic digestion, substituting for commercially manufactured material (co-product), animal feed, and energy/fuel production.

SRG can provide many waste and waste diversion services, including:

  • Sustainability audits
  • Waste audits
  • Transportation and repurposing of residual waste
  • Permitting, implementation, and operation of organic waste recycling and management programs
  • Contract operations of recycling programs
  • Permitting and regulatory approval
  • Agronomic rate determination and application
  • Wastewater operations
  • Food waste recycling, reuse, land application, etc.
  • Zero landfill planning and implementation
  • Lagoon and tank cleaning services

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