Residual Management Services

Sustainable Resources Group specializes in repurposing coffee waste, having done so with Nestle S.A. for over 15 years. 
SRG owns and operates a spent coffee grounds (SCG) drying plant onsite at Nestle’s Freehold, NJ beverage plant, processing 30,000 tons per year of SCG.
Historically we have used the dry SCG as the major component of a synthetic fire log (JavaLog) and the wet SCG as a soil amendment, compost additive, and substrate. More recently SRG developed the use of dry SCG as a lubricant with a patent-pending for use in biomass pellet production, trade named JavaLubeTM.
Residual Logistics Management
Managing Food & Beverage industry residuals and providing top of the line tracking and analysis for residual production facilities
Residual Upcycling Management
Researching and developing methods and solutions for the upcycling of process residuals and scrap materials and production byproducts
Residual Mitigation Management
Reducing carbon emissions for our residual management clients, suppliers, and vendors with our residual management logistics program

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